Market Dynamics Print Materials

Below is a guide to Market Dynamics, a series of educational materials that cover basic investing principles. Each piece has a brief description, and a guide for the participant concerns that it may address.


Invest in Your Future

We don't know what the future will hold, but we do know some lessons that we've learned from looking back and reflecting on the past. This brochure looks at some of the key lessons learned, and gives participants five investing concepts to help invest for their future retirement success.

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Bear markets shouldn't scare you

Should retirement planning be a long-term strategy?

Showing the historical performance of the S&P 500 Index (1950-2013) and highlighting two bear market periods, this flyer shows that markets have generally grown over the long-term despite periodic setbacks.

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Long-term investing: Marathon not a sprint

Are you questioning whether you should continue your long-term strategy?

This flyer demonstrates that the longer a participant holds an investment, the more stable their returns generally become, and the more likely they are to have positive returns.

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Power of Long-term Investing

Are you questioning whether you should continue your long-term strategy?

This flyer can help illustrate that while short-term volatility is part of a normal investing cycle, over the long-term, volatility is minimized and markets grow.

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Take the emotion out of investing

Are you feeling unease or panic about the current markets?

This flyer explains the cycle of emotions investors typically go through during market ups and downs. Not acting on these emotions is a key to successful investing.

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When the markets are down, stay the course

Are you concerned about staying in the equity markets?

This flyer illustrates how remaining invested, compared to switching to a fixed income investment, may benefit from potential growth in the long run.

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Time in the market, not timing the market

Are you thinking about cashing out, and trying to time your move back into the equity markets later?

This flyer illustrates that most of the long term gain of the market is attributable to a handful of single days of strong growth, so trying to time the markets may mean missing these key days of potential growth.

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Keep contributing through market ups and downs

Are you discouraged and don't want to keep contributing into current markets?

This flyer demonstrates the benefits of continuing to make regular contributions - even when markets are down - through an example of dollar cost averaging.

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Diversify your portfolio to capture steadier returns

Where is it “safe” to invest?

Using a Callan Chart, this flyer shows that no single asset class has been a top performer consistently, but a diversified portfolio aims to balance out the highs and lows of the other sectors.

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